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Resources & Facilities

LGBTQ Center Resources and Facilities

  • Library of LGBTQ-interest books, music, and film.
  • Subscriptions to various LGBTQ-related magazines.
  • Community room and media center with TV, VCR/DVD player, and sound system.
  • Shared office space for student organizations.
  • Administrative office for the LGBTQ Center Director (next door in College Center 214).

Affiliated Organizations

  • Ace SpaceVassar’s only asexuality affinity space and activism group on campus, open to all on the asexual and aromantic spectrums and those questioning their identity.
  • CHOICECHOICE stands for Campus Health Organization for Information, Contraception, and Education. Our mission is to educate the campus about sexual health issues by distributing information about pregnancy, STIs, and contraception and to help to promote safer sex by providing free condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, and lubricant. CHOICE is a confidential and nonjudgmental organization. Student educators are selected on a volunteer basis.
  • Feminist Action CoalitionFeminist Action Coalition works to provide a space for discussion, organization, collaboration, and activism regarding issues of feminism, gender, patriarchy, kyriarchy, and all forms of oppression. We strive to provide a receptive and respectful space for any individual devoted to ending sex- or gender-based oppression.
  • QCVCQueer Coalition of Vassar College exists to help various projects by and for Vassar’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), and allied students. We use the word “queer” to recognize and affirm a plurality of sex, sexuality, and gender difference.
  • TransMissionTransMission is dedicated to making Vassar and the larger community of which it is a part an inclusive and welcoming environment for transgender, genderqueer, and intersex people, and anyone affected by sex and gender variance (which we believe to be everyone). Supporting Vassar’s core values of inclusiveness and equality for all, we aim to dispel myths, raise awareness, and create a secure and comfortable space at Vassar and beyond through activism, cooperation, and education.
  • TBDTBD stands for "to be determined" because gender is also to be determined. It is a pre-org established to improve policy, such as healthcare regarding hormone treatments, related to trans and gender-nonconforming students at Vassar. TBD raises awareness about gender policy and promotes positive change. It also provides information for students questioning how to transition--medically or otherwise-- while at Vassar.

Additional Campus Resources